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A Dowsing Course with Expert Mentoring!

Anyone can learn to use dowsing, an intuitive method for getting answers to questions your brain cannot answer. The Discovering Dowsing Course is the most complete online course in dowsing you will find anywhere.

Nigel and Maggie Percy of Discovering Dowsing tapped into their combined 40+ years of experience as professional dowsers and energy workers to create a comprehensive training that will give you all you need to master dowsing and use it to improve your life.

For a sneak preview, visit this page for the post-graduate training Dowsing Past Lives, one of 30 trainings on advanced applications included in the Discovering Dowsing course.

Features of the Discovering Dowsing Course

One payment of $97 will give you lifetime access to the Discovering Dowsing Course online. If you prefer, we offer thumb drive or disc set instead.

The course includes:

  • Basic Dowsing training
  • Advanced Dowsing training
  • 30 Post-graduate trainings in advanced techniques and applications
  • Bonus download materials
  • Suggestions for taking your dowsing further
  • Ongoing mentoring by Maggie and Nigel through the Comments section on each page of the course

There are over 30 videos total in the Basic and Advanced units, each with a pdf study guide. The post-graduate trainings run about 3000 words each and include exercises that help you master the content. And remember, as a student, you can ask a question at any time, and Nigel or Maggie will answer you. 

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