Basic Dowsing Course Content

November 29, 2020

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The study guides have been added for your convenience and contain the same information as the videos in each module, but in written form. If you prefer reading over watching a video, you may use the study guides as your primary source. When you go back searching for information, you may find it easier to scan a study guide rather than re-watch a video. The study guides are not transcripts, but they cover the same information as the videos.

Module 1 Study Guide

Module 1: 
 What Is Dowsing & Why Dowse? What Is Dowsing? Dowsing is a natural human intuitive sensing ability. It is a skill that can be trained and used to improve your life. Dowsing is used when you can’t get answers using your rational faculties. By doing...

Module 2 Study Guide

How To Dowse   Preparing To Dowse: Permission Preparing to dowse involves two important steps: You need to be sure you have permission, so you dowse ethically You need to be in a dowsing state There are many rituals for getting permission, and most of them have flaws....

Module 3 Study Guide

After You Get The Answer Confirm Results Dowsing is so much fun. And the things you dowse about are either confirmable or not. Confirmable results are results that you can tell whether your dowsing was accurate or not. We aren’t suggesting you dowse coin tosses and...

Finding Lost Objects (Exercise #1) Study Guide

Exercise #1: Finding Lost Objects Finding lost objects is one of the best ways to use dowsing, but remember we said that each dowsing application is a specialty that requires a skill set you must master? Most dowsers don’t spend much time dowsing to find lost objects,...

Making A Happy Choice (Exercise #2) Study Guide

Exercise #2: Making A Happy Choice A very practical and rewarding use of dowsing is in making choices that will reduce stress, save you money and make you happy. Taking the guesswork out of your life pays off. For this exercise, go to any website like

Health Evaluation (Exercise #3) Study Guide

Exercise #3: Health Evaluation Please note: Do not dowse on a subject you are unable to be detached about; always get a second opinion before acting on any health dowsing that could have side effects. Health dowsing is NOT meant to replace your health care...