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We Invite You to Join Our Online Dowsing Community!

We are a group of ordinary people from all over the world who have one big thing in common: we want to learn to use our intuition so we can enjoy life more, either by improving some aspect of our lives or by becoming more authentic through the exploration and development of our natural talents.

What Path Are You On?

The Discovering Dowsing Course is a gathering place for fulfilling personal goals through the use of intuition. This online community can be a great place for you if any of these describe you:

  • You’re a newbie and curious about dowsing
  • You know how to dowse, but want to improve your accuracy
  • You are eager to improve your life or want to make a change
  • You want to belong, to feel a part of something
  • You want to explore more applications of dowsing & learn to use them effectively
  • You desire a support network or community of like-minded people
  • You want to be able to ask for help about dowsing and get it from experts and other dowsers
  • You are seeking a safe, private place to explore dowsing and discuss it
  • You’re interested in going beyond dowsing to live a more fully empowered intuitive life
  • You want to learn how living intuitively helps you manifest goals of all types and get help doing it

Shouldn’t Learning and Personal Growth Be:

instead of painful?

EASY instead of a struggle?

filled with SUPPORT instead of lonely?

POSITIVE instead of shaming or embarrassing?

Shouldn’t Empowerment:

feel NATURAL and right?

make your life BETTER and easier?

give CLARITY to your sense of purpose?

We’ve Created a Unique Learning Environment

The Discovering Dowsing Course is much more than a dowsing course. You are more than a student. As a member, you can learn, grow, share and help others as part of a supportive community. Enjoy feeling part of something special as you make your dowsing journey along with dowsers from around the world.

Experience it for yourself!

Come and be a valued member of the Discovering Dowsing Course for one payment of only $97

You’ll get all the help, guidance, support that you could ever need (and so much content!)

The Discovering Dowsing Course will Empower You

Learning to dowse is empowering, and it can be fun to learn. And you aren’t alone on your journey if you join the Discovering Dowsing Course community.

Let us show you that you ARE powerful and intuitively gifted.

Discover your natural talent for intuition and manifesting your goals as a member of the Discovering Dowsing Course community.


We Offer a New & Different Learning Experience Where:

  • you have all the support you could ever want
  • a variety of learning styles are offered: read, watch videos, do exercises, share stories
  • you go beyond basic technique with continued support in whatever direction you choose
  • you can do as little or as much as you like
  • you can proceed at your own pace
  • you get it all for one affordable price, no giant ‘investment’, no monthly fees
  • you always feel welcome, respected and supported
  • you feel a sense of belonging
  • personal growth isn’t as lonely or scary as when done alone
  • developing intuition is normal, not freakish
  • being different is not only OK, but encouraged

Amazing Benefits at an Affordable Price!

No huge ‘investment’ is needed to join our community

An affordable, one-time payment gives you lifetime access

No monthly or hidden costs

Come join our community!

Be a part of a supportive community of like-minded people for only $97

That’s one payment for lifetime access to all the help, guidance, support (and more) that you could ever need

You Get Three Courses in One!

Basic Dowsing Course

Advanced Dowsing Course

30 Postgraduate Trainings in Dowsing Applications

The Discovering Dowsing Course is extremely useful in every area of my life that I have used the dowsing materials in, including health, decisions, and just ordinary functioning, such as shopping. I highly recommend the Discovering Dowsing Course to anyone who wants to learn more about dowsing.
Rev. Keith Smyth

California, USA

Also Included: Valuable Bonuses & Discounts:

  • Discount coupons for 15% off many of our books
  • Whole Brain Dowsing Charts
  • Bioelectromagnetic Field Care Instructions
  • An in-depth research report by Nigel on Environmental Energies and their effects on health
  • Basic instruction in EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)
  • Useful symbols for shifting energy
  • Training in how to make your own symbols
  • Trainings in Deviceless Dowsing Methods
  • A free copy of our book 101 Amazing Things You Can Do With Dowsing
  • Useful dowsing scales and charts
These bonuses will expand your ability to use dowsing in meaningful ways. If sold separately, they would be worth more than $50 (we don’t exaggerate the monetary value, but these bonuses are worth a lot more than money.)
I will tell you that I have taken other courses and read many books and articles on the subject. Your materials are the best and most complete yet!!! Thank you!!!!

Utah, USA

Discover Your Natural Ability

Accept our invitation and our help for only $97

Take this small step to empowerment

You Don’t Have to Go It Alone!

All the Help You Need…All the Time

We’ve all attended seminars or read books by experts we admire, like New Age Authors Gregg Braden or Louise Hay. It’s wonderful to be inspired to take action, but after you go home from the seminar or finish the book, it can be challenging to keep things rolling.

It’s difficult to maintain momentum and enthusiasm all by yourself. You’re not dumb or lazy! The energy of experts and friends can lift you up, energize you and help you stay motivated. Having guides and fellow travelers keeps you on the path to your goals. You just know in your heart you can achieve your goals with a little more help.

That’s why our Discovering Dowsing Course includes mentoring by us. You can ask questions about dowsing any time on any page. Plus, on the Community page, you can share your success stories and cheer on other dowsers.

The Discovering Dowsing Course is more than a bunch of rules about dowsing. It’s a community where you can interact with other dowsers, where you can get expert advice any time you need it, and where you can offer loving support for fellow dowsers.

While I was going through the Discovering Dowsing Course, Maggie mentored me through dowsing a life issue that arose during that time. The connection was transparent, and the feedback was excellent! She was able to give suggestions as I adjusted my goals, questions and techniques. Invaluable! I would highly recommend the mentoring that is available along with the knowledge in the Discovering Dowsing Course. 

Maryland, USA

We Make Learning Easier…

Maybe you shudder as you remember school or courses you took after graduating. While practice and basic technique are the foundations of any skill like dowsing, there are many ways to make learning easier and more fun. No matter what style of learning is best for you, we have it.

…With a Wealth of Materials

Over 30 videos in the Basic and Advanced Courses, as well as written study guides

Written postgraduate trainings (30) of about 3000 words each

Exercises with step-by-step instructions so you can get dowsing and then ask questions if you have any

Recorded audio and video presentations and trainings by a variety of experts on dowsing and intuition

A Beyond Dowsing section and community where you can learn to use your intuition more coherently and meaningfully to manifest your goals, even if you are not a masterful dowser.

A Dowsing Community page where you can post your success stories about dowsing and read those of other members. You can ask questions, cheer other members on for their success and receive kudos for your accomplishments.

I started out as a raw beginner who could not get a pendulum to even so much as hiccup, never mind give me a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’. You did an awesome job with the lay-out and the progression of the steps of learning, the dowsing state, etc. in your Discovering Dowsing course. I bought a few more resources from you over the years, all of them excellent and on the button, but the Discovering Dowsing course is my go-to still to this day if I end up with a snag and need to go back to basics.


Don't Wait Any Longer!

Get started today for one payment of  only $97

You’ll be glad you did, as soon as you see what’s inside, waiting for you


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Is the Discovering Dowsing Course right for me?
It doesn’t matter if you are a total newbie or have been dowsing for years, the Discovering Dowsing Course has everything you need to take your dowsing to the highest level.

More importantly, we have created a global community where you can safely explore dowsing and intuition, get lots of support and feel welcome.

The Discovering Dowsing Course is more than a dowsing course. It has tons of content, but what you won’t find anywhere else is the sense of community and the opportunities to interact with experts and other dowsers easily.

Why doesn't the course cost more?
Considering the training and support offered, the Discovering Dowsing course is worth at least $500 or a hefty monthly investment, but in today’s economy, most people cannot afford that. So we have set the price way below the value of what we offer, so as many people as possible can avail themselves of the excellent instruction and mentoring in a supportive, fun community.

To have you become the best dowser you can be; to have you use it to make a difference in your life; to provide a safe, welcoming environment for your personal growth: those are our highest priorities and best rewards. That is why we have set an affordable, one-time price that includes everything. And we are adding new content all the time.

What about Covid issues?
Because this is an online membership site, you can join no matter where you live and get instant access. No pandemic issues, because there is nothing to deliver.
Will I be charged tax?
It depends on the tax laws of your country. We do not set the tax or collect/pay it. If tax is charged, it will be because the payment gateway determines that is the correct action for your locality.

If you have further questions, please contact us at our support address.

What happens after I place my order?
After you buy the course, you will receive email very quickly which includes your unique login information and directions to the course website. Easy, peezy!
Do you offer any guarantees?
We guarantee that our course is exactly as described. Because the price is so low, we don’t offer any guarantees beyond that. If you have specific concerns or questions prior to purchase, please write [email protected]
How secure is my payment information?
Our fulfillment system uses state-of-the-art security to protect your order details. We respect your privacy and do our utmost to protect it.
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What do I get for my money?
The Discovering Dowsing Course includes the Basic Dowsing Course and the Advanced Dowsing Course. Together they include 36 videos, a written study guide for each video and all the bonus materials listed on this page.

You will immediately get access to the course website, which contains all the content described on this page, plus a Comments section on each page to submit your questions.

There are exercises, recorded audio and video presentations and a Community section where you can post your success stories about dowsing and intuitive living and get support and feedback.The Community section also allows you to interact with other members on posted stories.

You will have lifetime access to the course from the one-time payment, and we are adding content all the time, at no additional charge to members.

What payment methods do you accept?
We accept Paypal and all major credit cards.
Does it matter what country I live in?
The Discovering Dowsing community is global and available to anyone in the world who has internet access.
I prefer to have the course in my hands. What can I do?
If you purchase the Discovering Dowsing Course, we give you the ability to buy a physical product that contains the Basic Dowsing Course, the Advanced Dowsing Course, all Postgraduate Trainings and most of the Bonuses. This product comes as either a thumb drive or disc set for a very affordable price, and it is only available to members.
What if I still have a question?
We want you to feel confident about joining our online community, so if you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected]